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The Blue Mauritius Museum founded and opened in 2001 Commercial Bank in the state. The name the Museum has given the jewel of his collection - mark "The Blue Mauritius", was released in 1847. Brand ordered to send invitations to the ball Governor of the island, sir Robert Gomm. The uniqueness of these postal marks that they were the first that released the British Empire outside of England. All were produced by five brands blue and orange colors, worth 2 penny and 1 penny, respectively. They were printed with the error next to the profile of the Queen instead of "duty paid" is the inscription "postal service".

Little circulation and a small number of surviving copies made of the stamp "Blue Mauritius" and "Mauritius Pink" value for philatelists. Long time, no unique rarity was not on the island. In November 1993, the two brands - blue and pink-orange was purchased by community bankers for $ 2 million the Swiss auction. But to see the original creation could few people. Under the influence of light and sunshine the old paper and the paint is destroyed, so the display exhibited their copies, and the originals are stored in special conditions.

A tour of the Museum "The Blue Mauritius" includes the exploration of seven rooms, in which are represented: old naval maps and instruments, a model of the Earth 1492; documents on the history of the country and its explorers; engravings, maps of Port Louis of different periods; sculpture "Paul et Virginie" in 1881 of the work Prospero d Epinay; postage stamps of Mauritius, historical and cultural documents of the island.