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National Park black river-Gorges

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The highest mountain of the island of Mauritius Riviere Noire (or Piton de La petite), with a height of over 800m, in the composition of the volcanic plateau located in the national Park of the state black river-Gorges. The Park has an area of about 66 square kilometers, 1977. it is included in the list of biosphere reserves includes part of the canyon of the black river to the East, over the plateau Pirin Tamariskia gorge up the namesake waterfalls, mountain ranges Bris fer, and descent Menta. The valley and the sloping part of the plateau, escarpment Magenta drop to sea level while the average altitude of the reserve 55-60 m. Beautiful, covered with tropical greenery, the plateau and the foothills attract tourists and hunters (in certain periods, allowed shooting of certain ungulates).

Numerous waterfalls, wetlands filled with flowering lilies, picturesque peaks and descents with paved Hiking trails offer the chance to view rare species of plants and animals. Some of them grow and live exclusively in the reserve are endemic: ebony, tambalacoque, lizards and geckos. Mount Python is a great place for panoramic pictures of waterfalls.

Notably the lake of Grand Bassin in the former crater of an ancient volcano, considered sacred by Hindus because he brought water from the Ganges. The lakeside temple Ganga Talao and of the statues of Shiva and of Animanga.

For Hiking offers 60 km of roads in old-growth forest, preserved by a miracle during the mass felling. Residents of national Park - monkeys, wild pigs, deer and native birds. The Park is the field of activities of researchers, defenders of natural resources of the island of Mauritius, an educational centre for students.