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Port Louis, capital of Mauritius, is a city with bustling streets. Shops and shopping centers in the city, the stunning beauty of unique natural parks, located a few kilometers from paved streets, coexist in surprising ways. Since ancient times, the landscapes, the climate and the unusual architecture of the island has attracted settlers and then tourists. Local residents and guests of the state has always sought to capture their impressions in stories, pictures, Souvenirs, using film and photography.

In the city center, opposite the theater, is one of the places where an illustrated history of the state of Mauritius. Photography Museum in Port Louis, is Mauritius private collection masters of photography Tristan Breville. A beautiful collection of antique equipment for shooting, textbooks, greeting cards, daguerreotypes (the forerunner of modern photography, were made using the imprint of iodine and mercury on the silver-plated plate) is placed in six halls.

The largest hall is intended for the exposure of printing machines, daguerreotype framed images, photographic albums, art frames for pictures, equipment for filming, ranging from ancient to contemporary subjects. The whole history of the island and its inhabitants gathered in the old pictures. Under each of them - short description of the event and the personality, it depicts the history of things and how they are getting on Mauritius.

For a tour of the Museum is enough to address in the working days with 10 to 15 hours, to ring the door bell. The event is free of charge for children up to 12 years, adults - 100-150 rupees.