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Caudan waterfront and gallery Didus

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Caudan waterfront in Port Louis attracts tourists with unusual architecture, full of boutiques and restaurants, working in a mode 24 hours/7 days a week. The transformation of the old docks and warehouses of the city's port in an expensive prospect just amazing. Teeter, movie theaters, restaurants with national Indian, Creole, French cuisine, expensive shops and malls with duty-free outlets - a treasure trove for shoppers and those who just want to have a good time.

The largest shopping center "Le Caudan Waterfront" shopping tax-free in it - "Flemingo Duty free", selling leather, tobacco, alcohol, and sweets, as well as "Madison's Duty free" - it sells watches and jewelry.

From all available entertainment - with Kodan, you can admire the ocean and watch the work of the port. Evenings on the promenade, guests are entertained by musicians, singers, representatives of different directions and types of art.

It is worth noting that many of the sights and museums of Mauritius located in the surrounding streets or on the Kodan. One of such places - art gallery, Didus, opened in 2002, its symbol is extinct as the result of the extermination of the Dodo bird. In the gallery exhibited works by both known and yet unrecognized artists, representatives of the avant-garde movements of art. The three main areas proposed for inspection of the paintings - seascapes, animals, plants; the work of abstract painters; paintings of masters of the state of Mauritius. A separate group features, sculptures, decorative lighting, water features and mosaic.

At Didus Art Gallery working chain stores where you can buy mosaic, decorative items, accessories for painting, there is a frame shop with ready-made frames.