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Museum of the history of Mauritius

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History Museum of Mauritius is located in Mahébourg and is set in a historic 18th-century mansion Gheude Castle, which belonged to Rubiera. During the French-English war for dominance over the island (1810), the building housed a hospital for wounded soldiers from both sides.

The existence of the Museum started in 1950, with exposure on two floors of the mansion. Beginning of exhibition - artifacts of the discovery and settlement of the island by the Portuguese, there was this hall in 1988, with the assistance of Willem-Alexander of orange-Nassau, now king of the Netherlands. The second floor is devoted to the British period, the population of Mauritius slaves and abolition. The French stage in the development of Ile de France refers to the times of the reign of the Governor Bertrand Labourdonnais presented personal belongings of the captain, furniture. Separately exhibited documents and objects dedicated to the construction of the railway on the island.

A complete collection of the Historical Museum consists of two parts, one of which is a Museum of Maritime relics. This section presents card, tools, logbooks, prints devoted to the sea and the conquest of the island, the personal weapon of the famous privateer in the company of captains. The exhibits narrating about the battle for cap Malheureux, there are two guns.

The exposition of household items includes a collection of coins of gold and silver, ancient porcelain from China, the remoteness of the island from civilization contributed to their good state of preservation. You can see the image and the skeleton is completely destroyed in the 17th century the Dodo bird, discovered during the excavations on the island.