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Reserve giant tortoises and caves Francois Lega

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A reduced copy of the Mauritius - Rodriguez, unlike the big island, not so densely populated and has retained its original appearance. Due to the significant distance from civilization, live here in natural conditions, like thousands of years ago, plants and animals, which you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Of interest to travelers is the possibility of diving on the unique coral reef of Rodrigues island, almost completely surrounding the Isle, beach holidays, fishing, eco-tours to nearby small Islands and Hiking in the mountains and to waterfalls. The most favorite tourist attraction of Rodrigues island is a nature reserve, huge turtles Francois Leg.

The name of a French traveler and Explorer of nature was assigned to the oasis for the work of Lega on creating a complete catalogue of the species of animals encountered on the island. Francois Lega in their work described that in Rodrigues so many turtles that you can go through their shells of a hundred meters, never set foot on the ground. Endemic species of turtles were completely destroyed, as rodriguesii view of the Dodo.

Modern reserve was opened by the family of environmentalists in 2007. It includes several hundred radiant and Seychelles sea turtles, an authentic species of bats, planted more than a hundred thousand of local species of trees. The system of 11 caves Patat, part of the complex of the reserve, interesting coral formations of stalactites and stalagmites, located at a depth of 600 meters. Explore tours can be two caves - Caverne Grande (Great cave) or Caverne de la Vierge (the virgin cave). Fossilized remains of the flora and fauna of these underground galleries exhibited in the Museum of the reserve.

A fun favor for the guests - the "adoption" of a turtle is available through the website. The Park administration will send a "foster parents" photos, videos about "child" and reports on the state of health.