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The Island Of Women

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Island Women - it is the northernmost point of Mexico and one of the Islands of the Caribbean. It is located just 13 km from Cancun. A small island, whose length is 8 km, and covers an area of about 9 hectares, is striking in its fabulous beauty.

The beginning of the history of the island relates to the pre-Columbian era. On one of the stone columns of the island bears the date - 564. In 1517 came the command of Francisco Hernandez. Here they found a large number of stone female statues, celebrating the goddess of fertility, health and happiness Excel. This explains the name of the island.

The West coast national Park, opened in 1996. Under special protection there are rare coral reefs - part of the Mesoamerican barrier reef. Scientists say that the approximate age of 125 000 years.

Isla mujeres, it is the name of the island in Spanish, a popular place in Mexico. The island does not lose its identity, despite the fact that everything is created for comfort: hotels, bars, restaurants and of course its magnificent beaches. On the island there are four of them: Norte, paraíso, Lanceros and Indios.

Here you will not find boring landscapes or gray buildings. As well as throughout Mexico, houses and even hotels built according to the tradition, in a mixed style of Spanish and Indian cultures, painted in bright colors.

The residential part of the island, located in the North, the width is only five blocks away and to the length of three streets. Medina is a pedestrian street, it runs along the West coast. It has many restaurants where you can enjoy exotic sea food. Special delicacy believe the fish tekinski, you will cook it on the grill with special herbal sauce.

The island can be reached independently from Cancun by boat or tour.