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Xochimilco (translation - "flower place") is an outlying district of Mexico city, the third largest. It covers an area of 122 square kilometers and is located 18 km South of the city centre.

Xochimilco the world famous ancient channels of the Aztecs - chinnasamy. Here you can ride on the local gondolas, called trajineras, along the old channels. The main fishing these places — the cultivation of flowers and plants. It always sounds traditional Mexican music performed Mariachi and marimba. This is one of the most popular places among tourists.

In 1987, the canals of Xochimilco was included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO.

Xochimilco is often called the "Mexican Venice", although controversial, whose channels were built earlier. This place was once a lake with Islands, where they grow flowers for funeral Indian ceremonies. Breeding of the flora here are the most popular activity, and boat trips is a favorite pastime of residents and visitors of Mexico city.

Channels extending 176 km, 14 of them - travel. According to him, there are many decorated boats, they control embarcaderos - local boatmen with long poles. Besides pleasure boats can be found and shuttles with the sellers of popcorn and Souvenirs, or boats with mariachis in sombreros, performing to order the famous "Besame mucho" and "Guantanamera".

In Xochimilco has its own Ecological Park, which was opened in 1993, with an area of 1,737 ha. its territory is the huge flower market with a stunning variety of colors.

In Xochimilco better to come in on weekends and on all day, to feel its atmosphere, with a local flavor.