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Xcaret Park

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Xcaret (the Mayan language - "little Bay") is a unique and most popular national Park of Mexico, on the Caribbean coast of the country. It is located on the Federal highway Cancun-Chetumal near the town of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

In 1984 architect Miguel Quintana Pali purchased a plot of land in the Riviera Maya, where they wanted to build their own home. But preparing the ground, stumbled on sinkholes cenotes (sinkholes formed by the breaking of the vaults of limestone caves) and underground rivers.

Fell with her friends decided to open a Park here. So, in place of one of the ceremonial centers of the Maya arose Xcaret. This eco-archaeological Park with monuments of ancient culture, tropical nature, animals, living almost in the wild, beautiful beaches and brilliant evening views of artists on the theme of Mexico's history, involving around 200 people. The most dangerous types of animals, such as jaguars and pumas, surrounded by a deep ditch and a small stone fence.

Here you can swim in the underground river, visit the aquarium, turtle farm, butterfly Park, and for a fee to swim with dolphins, ride along the beach or swim with a snorkel and mask. Therefore it is better to go here for the whole day. To see the Park, traveling on the water the road, encountering along the way a real Indian village.

The field "fine Arts" is the most popular in Mexico show, held in Xcaret. This is an entertaining drama on the life of Mexico before and after the Spanish capture.

Seasoned travelers recommend necessarily to take photos, video camera, sunglasses and sunscreen, swim wear, shoes, which can be long and many to go. In the Park compared with the city of high prices on food and drinks, but this can be taken care of in advance, taking food with them.