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The Museum of underwater shapes

Photos and description

The Museum of underwater shapes in cancún opened in December 2010. In this unique Museum exhibits 403 sculpture, human height, covered with sea water at a depth of from 2 to 10 meters.

The creators of the project were James Gonzalez Cano of the National Marine Park, Roberto Diaz of the Cancun Nautical Association and Jason de Kairos Taylor.

In the manufacture of the pieces and materials used to maintain living corals. It is the cement, sand, micro silica, fibre glass, live coral - the final touch, made by nature itself. The weight of the structure lying on an area of over 420 square meters, more than 180 tons.

Sculptor Jason Taylor had to spend under water about 120 hours, by the way, concurrently he is also a diving instructor. Specially developed technology allows to fix the pieces so that they are not demolished. The finished items were loaded on the bottom of the ocean on a two-ton basis.

In a normal Museum, the conditions under which the exhibits must remain intact as long as possible, but here it's the opposite. The composition is constantly changing. This is facilitated by the growing corals and marine life.

The exposition attracts tourists with its size, scale, unique and unusual location in the shallow waters of the Caribbean. For those who wish to dive into the water, there are trips on boats with transparent bottom, where sculptures can be admired from above. This is one of the most frequently visited marine areas in the world for a year, it takes about 750 thousand tourists.

Today in the underwater Museum 4 exposition: "the Gardener of hope", "the Collector of lost dreams," "Man on fire" and "the Silent evolution". They are all the brainchild of Jason Taylor.