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National Park Xel-Ha

Photos and description

Xel-Ha is a national Park of Mexico, like a huge aquarium, which was created by nature itself. It is 50 km from the Mayan Riviera, an hour away from Playa del Carmen. Here offer beautiful views of the Caribbean sea. Once this place was a port for the Mayans. They lived here in the eighth century.

The Park was founded in the middle of the last century and covers an area of about 180 ha. Park territory there are many mountains and deep valleys, and the local river zbilut natural waterfalls.

Xel-Ha is famous for its stalactite caves and karst lakes. The water here is so clean and transparent that you can see its exotic inhabitants in all its glory. On land, in the jungle it is home to the most beautiful color parrots in the world. Among the special inhabitants of the Park - huge turtles, friendly dolphins and manatees.

This is one of those places that will appeal both to lovers of active and relaxing holiday. For those tourists who do not like to sit still, here offer scuba diving with mask and flippers, a mask you are even allowed to keep the memory. You will also be able to jump into the water from a cliff and swim with dolphins. As a rule, the cost of visiting the eco-Park includes all activities, lunch in the restaurant and access bars. From exquisite foods are especially popular among tourists fried cactus.

There's plenty of beaches where you can just sunbathe and swim, by the way, there are even free showers. In the Park there are many restaurants and cafes. Here everything is designed for relaxation and comfort.

Admission to the Park usually takes a whole day, so care about comfortable shoes, clothing and accessories for swimming.