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Teotihuacan is the oldest city in the entire Western hemisphere of our planet. Its ruins are located just 60 kilometers from Mexico city. Teotihuacan, the city was named the Aztecs, from whose language its name translates as "the Place where men become gods".

Scientists assume that the town was founded by Indians in the period between 100 and 500 years BC. During the heyday of Teotihuacan had a population of some 200 thousand people. Some historians assert that Teotihuacan is the city of the ancient legends of Tollan, which is considered the main city of the people of the Toltecs, who inhabited Mexico before the Aztecs. The Aztecs were amazed by the huge pyramids and named the place sacred, and composed a myth that the city was built by giants. In the "city of the gods" were allowed to live only to the priests and the guarding soldiers. In the seventh century, Teotihuacan was attacked by the Northern tribes, and the city fell.

Looking at the layout of the streets and houses, it becomes clear that the town was built according to a carefully devised plan. Here is Central Avenue, which is crossed by small streets clearly at the right angle. Houses were built around the center. Through the city passes the so-called "Road dead" in length it is about 4 kilometers and connects the temples and palaces. In the centre the road passes through the area of the "Citadel". She enclosed four platforms, each of which is the basis for 4 pyramids. Scientists suggest that the area was the residence of the king.

The pyramid of the Sun located here, the height is 64 meters and is the third largest in the world. It is only inferior to the Great Pyramid in Cholula (Mexico) and the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The pyramid is located under the tunnel that goes to an underground cavern. Archaeologists have long thought that the cave was formed naturally by the eruption of lava. But recent research has allowed to put forward another assumption about its origins - perhaps it was man-made, the Imperial crypt. To the left of the pyramid of the Sun lies the pyramid of the moon, its height is 42 meters. At the top it is a ritual site where sacrificed and performed rites in honor of the goddess of the moon and water.