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Fifth Avenue

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Fifth Avenue - the most famous street and place of worship for those who love entertainment in the small coastal Mexican town of Playa del Carmen. Here the visitors go in search of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and souvenir shops, of which there are myriad.

Fifth Avenue extends along the entire coast. It should be noted that it is intended for pedestrians only, here you will not find noisy cars, and enjoy the complete silence is also unlikely, life here boils both day and night. Restaurants and cafes offer a wide variety of food and not just local cuisine.

For younger visitors too, there is entertainment. Here is a children's club Кoolkids. It is a joy not only for children but also a relief for parents, because they can be calm for their children, strolling through the local shops.

When the sun sets, Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen continues her stormy life. At this time there start amazing performances and show-programs. Are Mexican musicians, they sing rousing songs. In addition to them, the Fifth Avenue evening out circus performers, they entertain the people's turn and all sorts of rooms. Sometimes the idea collects up to 300 people, and is members only.

Despite the idleness of this place, even the most peaceful tourist can find a area for relaxing, dining and shopping. Prices on local products, according to seasoned travelers, there are much lower than anywhere in the coastal zone. For example, in the local hypermarket is the most popular drink - tequila - two times cheaper than in other shops specializing in the sale of goods to tourists.