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Palace of fine arts — the Opera house, located in the centre of the Mexican capital. This is the largest building in the world, built one of the most valuable species of marble - Carrara. Palace featuring amazing splendor of the decor, designed in the style of Beaux arts and art Deco, is considered the most popular architectural landmark of Mexico city.

The building was designed in 1904 by Italian Adam Boari. The construction lasted for 30 years and was interrupted by the Mexican revolution, although the opening of the Palace planned for 1908. Interior walls are decorated with murals of the Mexican artists Diego Rivera, Alfaro Siqueiros and josé Clemente Orozco. The most famous fresco is considered the philosophical picture of Rivera's "Man at the crossroads".

The building rests on a steel frame. To finish the entire structure of the used elements of the pre-Columbian era, neoclassical and art Nouveau.
Dome theatre, Italian marble, on the largest of the domes sits the Mexican eagle, and around him are figures representing the art of drama. Finishing the interior is mainly engaged artist Federico Mariscal. His works are in the art Deco style.

The fresco "the Birth of our nation" and "Modern Mexico" are on the second floor of the Palace. They belong to the brush Rufino Tamayo, he drew them in 1952-1953. On the walls of the third floor adorn the murals of josé Clemente Orozco. One of the most famous paintings, he depicted the Catharsis of denouncing the war and the decline of the bourgeoisie. Here is the famous and the controversial mural Rivera's "Man - Master of the Universe", which is opposed by John D. Rockefeller, was ordered to remove the same at its Centre for ideological reasons. The other frescoes are protected by the Palace Museum of fine Arts, where periodically organize thematic exhibitions. The Museum is located on the last floor of the Palace.