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Puerto Aventuras

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The small town of Puerto Aventuras, which has a population of about 6 thousand people, is located in the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean sea. This splendid location has made it very popular for the rich Americans who are happy to buy a house here. Many of them have yachts that are moored in the local Bay. It is around such a kind of port and are the most popular local restaurants, clubs and shops.

The main attraction of Puerto Aventuras is the Dolphinarium with a small aquarium, home to exotic inhabitants of the Caribbean. The Dolphinarium, which, in addition to daily shows with dolphins, also offers swimming with them, is the only such institution in Mexico. Bathing in company with two dolphins under the supervision of the employee, training of local marine animals. If desired, in the Dolphinarium it is possible to finish the training for professional work with dolphins.

In Puerto Aventuras come fans as a relaxing beach holiday (and the city has some magnificent uncrowded beaches, one of whom, Fatima Bay, reaching a length of 2.5 km), and fans of sailing and diving. A few dozen meters from the coast there is a large coral reef, which was chosen by hundreds of nimble fishes.

Among other entertainment venues in the city like Golf club, where you can find well-maintained Golf course with 9 holes. Fans of active leisure will certainly appreciate some local tennis courts.