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The mummy Museum

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The mummy Museum is located in the Mexican town of Guanajuato. His exposition of human bodies mummified naturally. From 1865 to 1958 the city operated the law under which relatives of the deceased were forced to pay a tax for burial in the cemetery. In the case of non-payment of tax within several years, the body of their relative exhumed. If it had mummified, he was sent to collection. Now the Museum lie the mummies 111.

In the late XIX - early XX century, mummies became interested in tourists, and sharp-witted cemetery workers began to charge for use of the room, where the relics of. Officially, the year of the opening of the Museum of mummies in Guanajuato is 1969, when mummies were placed in glass cases and put in a separate room. In 2007, the Museum broke on different subjects. Every year the Museum attracts thousands of tourists.

Museum of this kind can not grow into legends, they say that the oldest mummies date back to 1833 when the city was covered with epidemic cholera. Whatever their story, it does not negate their uniqueness, because unlike Egyptian mummies, they were not mummified intentionally. The local climate and soil contributed to the natural mummification.

The rarest exhibit is a small mummy of a baby, it is signed as "the smallest mummy in the world". The legend says that the baby died during the failed birth.

Sometimes the exhibits put up in other cities. As a rule, about a dozen mummies, the insurance which cost a million dollars.

The Museum has a gift shop where you can buy clay figurines of mummy and not only.