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The Palace Of Chapultepec

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The Palace of Chapultepec, in Mexico city, called the most famous castle in all of North America. It is the former seat of the governors, emperors and presidents of the country is located on the famous hill of Chapultepec, at a height of 2325 m above sea level.

The castle was founded at the initiative of the former king Bernardo de Gálvez in 1785 during the construction of the Palace became too expensive for the state, and then his erection was suspended, and the king ordered to put the Palace on the auction sale. The castle was sold only in 1806, it was bought by the administration of Mexico city. In 1833 the Palace was first revived, there is a military Academy. In the same year the Palace was erected a huge tower, and called it "high knight". When the Americans invaded Mexico, the Palace turned real battle, which went down in history as the battle of Chapultepec.

Mexican Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg in 1864 began to use the Palace as a country residence. For redevelopment, he hired several European and Mexican architects, so they designed his home in the spirit of Neoclassicism. On the Palace roof was a garden. From the Palace to the center of Mexico city was laid out the current Paseo de La Reforma. After the Emperor executed, in the Palace there is the astronomical Observatory, and later, until 1939, he used as a presidential residence.

Tours of the castle and its territory is not tedious, takes place every day, but keep in mind that the castle is located at a considerable height.