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The Frida Kahlo Museum

Photos and description

The Frida Kahlo Museum located in the heart of Coyoacan in the street of Londres, Mexico city. This is the house where once lived the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. If you truly appreciate art, it will leave a lasting impression after the visit.

The house belonged to the Kahlo family since 1904. Frida Kahlo lived here my whole life, from 1907 to 1954. The following year after her death the house was converted into a Museum.

As in any house-Museum of famous people, among the exhibits you will find personal belongings of Frida and her husband-renowned artist Diego Rivera. These are some of her paintings, books and old furniture and a small collection of pre-Columbian statues. Here lie the ashes of the artist, he is kept in a small urn, made in the form of her face.

Despite its simplicity, the Museum deserves the title of the architectural marvel. This structure from afar is beginning to attract attention with its walls painted in bright blue color. The external facade is decorated with Indian patterns. The window height of almost wall-to-wall with green frames. As the historians say and autobiography, this house reflects the life of his mistress. By the size it is quite small, and its inspection will not take you much time.

It is noteworthy that Kahlo and her husband often visiting visited Trotsky and even once came on a temporary residence with his wife Natalia Sedova. In Mexico, this fact is treated with great awe, still preserved followers of the persecuted Communist.