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Biosphere reserve Celestun

Photos and description

The Mexicans say that the tourist who did not visit the nature reserve of Celestun, didn't see Merida. Unique biosphere reserve Celestun is located 90 km from mérida, so the easiest way to get to it from this Mexican city. All tours of the reserve begin in the small fishing village of Celestun. This is where you can hire a boat to watch the pride of local places - flocks of pink flamingos looking for food near the shore in the estuary separated from the Gulf by a thin isthmus. In North America there are only two sites where live colonies of flamingos. And one of them is Celestun.

Flamingos and other birds that prefer to catch shrimp in the salt water, feel very at ease while on a secure government site. From pink shrimp the flamingos gets a bright colour. Some birds fly away for the summer to breed. However, many remain in Celestún. Therefore, the biosphere reserve is open to tourists all year round.

Travelers on the boats ply along the coast, looking for birds. Tour to Celestún takes about an hour and a half. During this period the guides control the boat, have time to tell about the habits of these birds, and tourists - to make astounding pictures. The cost of the tour is the boat rental, so it is much better to bounce back in trip to Celestún great company. The local court can accommodate up to 6 people.

Besides flamingos, you can see colonies of pelicans, egrets and other local inhabitants. It should be remembered that they are all very skittish and can take off and go to a new place in search of food.

The tour ends at Celestún in the mangrove forest.