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Park Jose Maria Morelos

Photos and description

Park Jose Maria Morelos is the largest and busiest reserve in Tijuana. It is located on the Boulevard Insurgentes in the area of La Mesa.

Park Morelos offers visitors plenty of entertainment. This will typically come in the afternoon and stay till night. Here you can stroll along the shore of the artificial lake, to visit the palm plantation, swimming pool, zoo and theatre. Most guests go to the Botanical garden, which is located in the Morelos Park. There are constantly blooming tropical flowers, filling the air with their aromas. Come to the Park with families and friends. For the little ones in the Park constantly organizes entertainment events. Children can move around the Park on a special red train, which arrives at the zoo and mini-farm. The zoo is home to jaguars, black bears, parrots, iguanas and other exotic animals.

On the shores of the lake provides areas for cooking and picnics. Here you can fry the meat on the grill, and then eat it outdoors in the company of nice people. The Park allows you to install on the lawns awnings and tents. After this leisurely holiday, many go for a walk around the lake. To do this, rent a catamaran. Those who do not want to pedal, can stand on the small bridge, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Almost every evening in the Park Morelos concerts under the open sky. At the weekends street performers organize fun show at the local theater.