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Museum anvil Soma in Mexico is unique in its architecture building in the industrial part of Mexico city. It consists of 28 curved steel columns, each of which is covered with hexagonal aluminum plates. The anvil stands on a huge concrete plinth.

Notable not only for the shape of the building, but the facade of hexagonal aluminum plates has no Windows. The lack of building Windows is not only a special decision of the architect, but the fact that works of art need protection from the sunlight. Part of the light enters here due to the small opening between the roof and the last floor.

The design and construction of this architectural marvel was engaged in the Mexican company "Fernando Romero Enterprise", the owner of which became a leading architect of this project.

The building is located in Plaza Carso, created at the expense of the telemagnate Mexican Carlos slim. The square was given the name in honor of his companies of "Grupo Carso". The Museo Soumaya named after the deceased wife of slim Soumaya Domit. The businessman says that it was his wife inspired him to purchase works of art on a world scale and the establishment in Mexico of the Museum, where every visitor can admire the treasures of world culture.

It exhibits more than 6 thousand paintings, sculptures and compositions of Latin American composers. The Museum exposition has occupied 6 floors of a building, and it is more than 5.5 thousand square meters. The rest rooms were placed under the auditorium, a library, a restaurant, various offices and of course shopping.

Among the exhibits you will see here the sculptures of Rodin, the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Matisse, Diego Rivera, Monet, van Gogh and others. In addition to paintings and sculptures here are subjects of Maya culture, a collection of ancient coins of Mexico.