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Arena Plaza de Toros

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Those who love the thrill to taste such a place of worship in Cancun, as the arena Plaza de Toros. Once a week in the Arena arranged bright fascinating show. Of course, you guessed that we are talking about an integral part of Mexican history - the legendary bullfighting. In Mexico, the bullfight has taken root five centuries ago, from the time of Hernan Cortes, the first Mexican bullfighter.

Before the arena for fights with bulls were rectangular in shape, but when the bulls began to hide in corners, it was decided to build a circular platform. Now all arenas, including cancún Plaza de Toros, reminiscent of a circus Playground with spectator seats placed by the amphitheater. Territory for fighting, covered in sand and separated from the spectators five-foot barrier and the quarters for the workers of the arena.

Arena Plaza de Toros is situated on the Central town square at the intersection of Boulevard KUKULCAN and Bonampak. If you want to get fascinating action - fighting bullfighters with bulls, you need to come on Wednesday. The fight starts at 15.30 and the ticket will cost you 400 pesos. Each time he is accompanied by dancing cowboys-the charros, which has been coined the famous hat-a sombrero.

Viewers who wish to try yourself in the role of a Matador, have the opportunity to enter the arena against a bull, only much inferior in size to those against which overlook a professionally trained bullfighters. The true battle takes place later, when the fight takes a huge and ferocious 500-pound bull to die at the end of the show.

In the remaining days here to see various concerts and performances.