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Natural Park of Aktun Chen

Photos and description

A few kilometers from the village of AKUMAL is a very interesting attraction is the national Park of Aktun Chen, the host every year thousands of tourists. It is located on the hillside and the famous karst caves with natural pools - cenotes; a luxurious tropical forest, among the branches of which are routes for walking and zip-lining; a small zoo and a terrarium.

The famous magazine National Geographic has included this Park in the list of the 10 best underground tours. And well deserved. Four local caves deserves the attention of travelers. They were formed thousands of years ago, have decorations in the form of stalactites and stalagmites and are available for inspection. The so-called Main cave is quite large - it stretches 0.6 km, the Main feature of the caves are underground lakes, which are fed from the underground river. In the cenote and the river, you can swim with scuba diving or just swimming for pleasure. Excursions to the karst caves are guided and last about an hour.

After seeing the caves you can recover for a walk along the hanging bridges, created for the convenience of the travelers. Tourists have the opportunity to consider in detail the tropical plants and small local fauna. Thrill-seekers come to the national Park of Aktun Chen in order to ride on rollers by ropes, stretched out over the precipice. Of course, they insure experienced instructors. Aktun Chen is also suitable for families with small children, who enjoy a visit to the zoo where you can feed and pet the monkey, meet the graceful deer, to see in close proximity to iguana.