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Ruins del Rey

Photos and description

The abandoned Mayan city can be found in the lively city of Cancun. Royal settlement is located 14.5 km from the historic centre of Cancun, the hotel zone in Cancun. Some tourists living in hotels in the neighborhood, one has only to cross the street to be on the territory of the archaeological monument. Those who are not so lucky with the place of residence, you should know that the ancient Mayan city is situated opposite of Dolphin beach.

Del Rey ruins are open for visitors, so guests can leisurely explore the buildings that have survived to our time, and feed the iguanas that now live here.

The ruins of a small Mayan settlement, however, are of great cultural and historical significance. This city was founded in 1300 BC, the Last inhabitants left it only after the Spanish invasion. Local residents were mostly engaged in fishing and salt production: the proximity of the Caribbean sea contributed to this. When the Indians left the city, here come the pirates, who transformed del Rey to their hidden base.

Tourists can see about fifty buildings, including the remains of pyramids and temples as well as private dwellings. In some parts of the walls visible here are fragments of vivid wall paintings made by the Maya. These murals are considered the most valuable local treasure.

Interestingly, in del Rey, unlike other cities in this part of Central America, there are two Central square, which is quite unusual and raises many questions among specialists.

Fee for entrance to the archaeological zone is small, but Sunday is completely absent.