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Maya Museum in Cancun

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The Maya Museum opened in cancún relatively recently and quickly became one of the most visited tourist places. The opening ceremony was held on 1 November 2012 the famous the may calendar, which predicted "end of the world" on December 21, 2012. The initiator of the Museum became Felipe Calderon - President of Mexico. Its area - more than 5 thousand square meters, the Museum can easily compete with the most popular venues, beaches and hotels in Cancun. Its construction took six years and $ 15 million.

The Museum has more than 300 household items, folk art, additionally it reflects the knowledge of the Maya in the field of science - astronomy and mathematics. One of the most valuable exhibits is the remains of the skeleton of a woman, whose age is about 10 thousand years. They were found in 2002 in one of the underwater caves of Cancun.

In the Museum are now 350 of very interesting artifacts. Some of these historians have studied for decades. Among the exhibits are never presented to the public. The Museum collection is constantly updated thanks to the archaeological work in the Maya cities.

The permanent exhibition occupies two halls. Another temporary room is used for exhibitions of international scale. The first exhibits that greeted visitors at the entrance to the Museum are ancient skeletons of people who lived supposedly 14 thousand years ago. They were discovered in 2001 in the caves of Tulum. The first hall tells about the Maya civilization. Here you will see images and shapes of Indians, which was recreated by scientists on the basis of materials from archaeological excavations. The second hall introduces tourists to the architectural and cultural values of the people, the exhibits are a variety of tools and art objects.

The Museum staff suggest that the Museum will be annually visited by around one million people.