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San Miguel de Cozumel

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San Miguel de Cozumel is the only town located on the largest island in Mexico is Cozumel. It is the second largest city in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, whose population is more than 70 thousand people. The city lies on the West coast, the rest of the island covered with dense vegetation of the National Park and sandy beaches. The climate here is subtropical. During the year, the average temperature remained essentially unchanged at 25 degrees.

Today, the island and this small town is often interesting divers. It is here that in 1961 made one of his spectacular dives, the famous researcher of sea depths Jean Jacques Cousteau. His films revealed the secret of the amazing reefs of Cozumel.

This small town is one of the favorite places not only tourists, but also of indigenous Mexicans. They love him for his comfort and peace. Here moored cruise ships. The city is served by the international airport of Cozumel. The message of the island to the mainland is supported via the regular ferry, which takes passengers to Playa del Carmen.

In the center of town is the Museum of the island. The Museum has 4 halls. The exhibition presents the geography and the richness of its nature, the workers of the Museum tell about the migration paths of local animals and the formation of a unique coral reef. The historical part of the exhibition of archaeological monuments and clashes of the Spanish Galleons from pirates. Local guides speak both English and Spanish, but a Mayan language.

For many tourists, San Miguel de Cozumel is just a stop on a cruise ship. But this city should not pass by, here you can relax from the bustling metropolis, in restaurants to enjoy seafood, walk on its streets, make a pleasant shopping.