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Torre Latinoamericana

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Torre Latinoamericana - 183-meter giant in Central Mexico city. This is one of the first high-rise buildings constructed in a seismic zone. It successfully passed several earthquakes, including the strongest of them occurred in 1985. Construction giant used two main materials - aluminium and glass.

44-storey Latinoamericana was built in 1956, according to the project of brothers-architects Augusto álvarez and Manuel de La Colina. By the way, after the first earthquake, in 1957, the year they received the award from the American Institute of Steel construction "For merit".

Mostly the building is used for offices of various companies. Inside is a high-speed Elevator that takes you to the 37th floor for 30 seconds. On the next floor there is a huge aquarium, which can rightfully claim the title of high-rise in the world. Another Elevator comes up to the 42 floor, where there is an observation deck with a cafe. The platform is equipped with telescopes-machines. For lovers of heights, there is a spiral staircase that leads to another outdoor area, enclosed steel cage, nearby TV mast.

In 2006, the year the tower was 50 years old. The celebration ceremony was opened rebuilt under the viewpoint "Mirador" of the 44th and 45th floors, with height of bird's flight which you can contemplate the Mexican capital. This project was designed and implemented by Danish architect Paalam frost. Today on seven floors of the skyscraper - from 37th to 44th - home to the Museum.