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The volcano Orizaba, as it is called in the language of the Aztecs, Citlaltepetl ("star mountain") is rightly considered the highest point of Mexico, its relative height - 4922 M. According to the GPS 5636 m

Today, the volcano is at rest, but in previous centuries there were several eruptions. Latest - in the 19th century.

Difficult terrain, high altitude, strong winds - all this gave rise to the volcano several climatic zones. At its foot mostly - tropical vegetation, above it is more like Alpine. The Eastern side of the mountain is often poured rains brought by winds from the Gulf of Mexico. There is often fog, and annual rainfall is about 1600 mm of precipitation. Autumn and winter snow here, but in the South and South-East the snow is melting quickly in the sun.

As a rule, tourists get to Orizaba from Puebla by bus to the village of Tlachichuca, which is close to the resting giant. To climb Orizaba not require any permits. The most popular month for climbing - December. The dry period is from November to April. On the ascent will require 6-10 hours and another 3-4 hours for the descent.

Technically the route is simple (category 2A). Starts to rise often at night to be on top before noon. Start - from Piedra Grande shelter. The first 1.5-2 hours of the route are on a rocky trail. The second portion of the path in the snow and ice among the stones and rocks. The next 4 hours on the open ice field.

It is important to stock up on water, at least up to the height of 4900 meters, where it can be extracted from the snow and ice.