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In the ancient city of La Venta from the 9th to the 4th century BC housed the cultural center of the Olmecs, which were about 20 thousand people. Here, at the mouth of the river Tonala, towering 35-meter high pyramid, were buried caches were located the ritual site. Archaeologists have discovered more than one hundred and fifty artifacts. In the middle of the last century, scientists were excited by the fact that the city with an area of 200 hectares is under danger of destruction. The fact that here began the development of the oil reserves. Then it was decided to transfer the priceless exhibits in Villa HERMOSA, a Park-Museum under the open sky.

In the Park grows a lot of cacao trees, cedars and plane trees, among which stands majestically mysterious sculptures of the Olmec. Historians trying to accurately place monuments, as they were discovered during excavations. Among the lush undergrowth you will find here 33 sculptures. Especially impressive are the monkey statue, altars, carved from stone, and another mysterious sculpture of a man in a snake.

But the most famous monuments of the Olmecs are considered a giant stone heads in helmets. Suggest that they represent the kings of the Olmec. But there is a theory that these figures come from the mysterious Atlantis, in view of the fact that outwardly they are not similar to the facial features of the Olmec: the heads have flat faces, big lips and wide noses. Just five goals, each of them weighing 10 to 13 tons. How ancient people could bring to the jungle stones of such size - to this day remains a mystery.

Besides the Park-Museum La Venta is a small zoo, home to monkeys, crocodiles, jaguars, Cougars, snakes, turtles and parrots. At the entrance to the Park you will see a huge tree Maya, the Ceiba, it is considered sacred and believed it to be Maya, holds the vault of heaven.