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Aquarium Magico Mundo Marino

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The Magico Mundo Marino aquarium is located in Mexico in the old part of Acapulco. To find the complex easily for the convenience of tourists, he was placed on a small island between the popular beaches Caleta and Caletilla. From 9.00 to 18.00 entertainment complex opens its doors to tourists from around the world.

The aquarium covers a huge area and includes entertainment for the whole family. For children there is a children's pool with water slides and video games. Adult on-site entertainment center is a restaurant, bar and beach club.

Despite the fact that the Magico Mundo Marino aquarium is smaller than its fellow aquarium Internacional de Convivencia Infantil in Acapulco, entertainment here is also rich. Fascinating Navy seals, a diving show with professional athletes, the feeding of crocodiles and piranhas, demonstrations of exotic birds - all of this takes place on the territory of the Magico Mundo Marino aquarium.

In aquariums of various sizes are inhabited by exotic fish of various kinds and other inhabitants of the depths - stingrays, catfish, and turtles. Visitors have the opportunity to practice various water sports and swim in two pools - fresh and sea water. Within the complex has a small Museum telling about the sea and its inhabitants.

Visitors can climb to the terrace, equipped with telescopes to explore the area. On campus there is a cinema and a restaurant with panoramic views of Caleta and Caletilla beaches and La roqueta island. If desired, tourists can buy Souvenirs with symbols of the aquarium and sea-life.