Photos and description

Amazing village of AKUMAL, located near the town of Playa del Carmen is world famous for the fact that there is a beach in Half moon Bay, which is not used for swimming, but never empty. This beach was chosen by the turtles that every night for two months in the year (April-may) get out on the beach to lay in the warm sand eggs. It seems that the turtles were always there. Even the ancient Mayans knew about this "turtle beach". And the name AKUMAL translates from the Mayan language as "place of the turtles". In the remaining months of the year the turtles will not float away. You can see them in coastal waters, dive with mask and fins. To touch the turtles, and especially to ride them not because they bite the offender.

The second is a local beach called AKUMAL Bay. It is designed for tourists and locals.

Besides the two beaches, near the town of AKUMAL lagoon Yal-Ku, which is ideal for diving. Here you can take a dive at the beautiful reef, where, besides fish and turtles, you can also meet up with the sharks. Near the shore is flooded ancient ship, which is also floating divers.

The village of AKUMAL appeared on the map of Mexico in 1958, thanks to the efforts of the famous Mexican Explorer of the underwater depths, writer Pablo Bush Romero. At first it was a settlement inhabited by lovers of diving. Later on a blessed spot in the Riviera Maya learned tourists who wanted to live in comfort. This means that gradually, there began the construction of hotels, some of which settled staff. Now the town is constantly home to about 1,300 people.