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Waterfall Cola de Caballo

Photos and description

One of the most interesting attractions found in the vicinity of Monterrey city, the waterfall Cola de Caballo, the name of which translated means Horse Tail, paved walking path running between the ravines, overgrown with lush vegetation. The waterfall formed by the river flowing between the mountains in the national Park Cumbres de Monterrey, located nearby.

The entrance to the area around the waterfall is paid. The stone-paved path leading to the cascade, very convenient to walk, so it will be able to go people of any age. Local residents offer tourists to get to the waterfall on horseback, which gives a special flavor to this outing. On the way to the waterfall you can make several stops at designated sites where it will be convenient to observe the surrounding flora and fauna. At the end of the road travelers will find a large waterfall with a height of 25 meters, which is shaped like a horse's tail.

Near the waterfall you can stop for a picnic: here are a few areas to relax in with barbecue grills. If you have no desire to cook, then you can purchase it in one of the nearby cafes.

After seeing the waterfall of a local travel Agency is recommended to go to the hotel "Hacienda Cola de Caballo". All guests here enjoy extreme sports such as bungee jumping. You can jump from the platform with a height of 70 meters. For those who prefer a relaxed type of holiday, suggest a visit to the local Spa.