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The island of the dead dolls

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The island of the dead dolls is a small island located in the South of Mexico city in the famous district of Xochimilco. From afar, the island does not seem remarkable, but it is worth a closer look, you will see that each of his trees hung with fancy baby dolls.

Island - the terrible sights of Mexico city, attracts fans of horror from around the world. You can hear a variety of mystical tales and superstitions.

The history of the island of the Dead Dolls originated in the middle of the last century. On the island lived a hermit named Julian Santana Barrera, he grew up on the island of vegetables, sold them and lived on the money. Further, the legend says that one day he was found in the river floating child's doll. He later learned that it was a toy drowned in the river girls. Since then, unsociable recluse began to collect children's toys, mostly dolls, and make them something like a stuffed, dressing up and hanging on the trees, hiding in the bushes.

In 2001, Santana died at the age of 80 years. For 50 years it is filled with thousands of dolls all over the island. His contribution to the exposition of the Museum introduces the unusual, and nature. Plastic burns and melts in the sun - the terrible look of the doll, from the sockets of which often look out of the local insects.

To reach the island, you need to explain to the boatman that you need to be there, otherwise he might think you order a regular walk in Xochimilco. Visiting the island is not recommended for children and nervous adults.