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Three Cultures Square

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Square of the Three Cultures square in the Tlatelolco district of Mexico city. There once was the last decisive battle between the Aztecs and Spaniards. The army of the ruler of the Aztecs of Cuauhtemoc was defeated by hernán cortés. In this battle, according to historical data, killed about 40 thousand people. In memory of this battle there is a memorial plaque with the inscription that, on 13 August 1521, cortés defeated the Aztec army.

But it was not the only bloodshed in this place. 400 years later, on 2 October 1968 on the orders of President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz were shot hundreds of student demonstrators.

The area is so named because it represents the three cultures of Mexico. It was built by the project of the Mexican architect Mario Pani of Darqui.

The first of the three cultures - the culture of Tenochtitlan. The preserved ruins of the Aztec pyramids belong to the pre-Columbian era. Then, there was a large market, which was attended by traders from Central America. By the way, a spontaneous street market is organised here according to the tradition, every Sunday until now. And if you decide to come here on this day, you can combine sightseeing with shopping a variety of national Souvenirs and other knick-knacks.

Following the culture - Spanish. Architecturally it represented the Catholic Cathedral. Jacob. Third cultures - modern Mexican. It represents the majestic tower of Tlatelolco, which until 2005 housed the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Mexico, and now the main building of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.