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Ruins It Loom

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On the highest point of Cancun, between the two hotels on the hotel zone are the ruins of Yamil Luum. If you are lucky enough to be a guest of one of these hotels, then your Windows will open a beautiful view of the archaeological zone, before the former land of the Maya. The name of these ancient buildings is translated from Mayan as "hilly land".

In the XIII-XV centuries there were built two temples: the temple of the Scorpion and temple Hands. For the first time about these artifacts mentioned in documents Dating from the XVI century. Re-opened in 1842, the archaeological work was completed by the middle of the last century. The walls of the temple of Scorpio was once decorated with figures of Scorpions, and the walls of the temple Arms were covered in handprints, but to this day these images are not reached. The upper part of the temple of the Scorpion was made of wood and until the present day have not survived. There was only a floor and stone walls, deflected slightly outward and forming a small room. To penetrate inside through the opening between the columns. On one of the ruined walls by archaeologists was found a small image of Scorpio, this determined the name of the temple. On the plaster one of the walls of the temple Arms also were found traces of the palm.

Scientists suggest that It Luum was the most important religious center of the Maya. It is possible that the pyramids of Luoma It was used as beacons, because they were built on high ground. In addition, the temples were notified residents about the occurrence of storms. They were built in such a way that if the wind blew inside of the towers all around were heard echoing whistle, warning about the approaching storm.

Ruins of the ancient city are available for tourists every day and entrance is free.