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Volcano Ascomata

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An interesting attraction offered to tourists in Puebla - sightseeing the inside of this volcano. Miniature volcano Ascomata is located right in the city, you can reach it by public transport. The name "Cascamite" from the language of Nahuatl is translated as "clay pot", which is quite logical if to take into account the shape of the volcano. The altitude of Ascomata is 13 meters above the ground he stands on is 8 meters. Outer diameter of this education reaches 23 meters. The world press Koshkaal called "the smallest volcano in the world", but scientists believe it is not a volcano, a geyser, and the largest in the world.

This geyser spewing hot water was formed in the year 1064. His latest release took place in 1662. He is currently not active. However, researchers believe that it is associated with the neighboring volcano Popocatepetl, which is still "asleep". If eruption will occur Popocatepetl, and Ascomata declare itself. Meanwhile, in his mouth is a spiral staircase, and everyone for a small donation can go down inside a volcano-the geyser.

With Ascomata there are many legends telling about the pagan sacrifices. They say that the Indians threw in Ascomata prisoners, trying to appease their gods. They also say that this volcano is connected by an underground passage with the pyramid of the Indian city of Cholula.

The locals still believe in all the myths associated with Ascomata, and avoided the descent. Travellers never miss a chance to visit at the bottom of this geyser, you see a small cave, whose walls are overgrown with grass.