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Cerro de La Silla

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Probably, there is no Mexican who'd heard the mention of the city of Monterrey, not immediately remembered the mountain of Cerro de La Silla, which is the original background for the city. This natural monument is located in the Mexican municipality of Guadalupe, near Monterrey. It is easily recognized by a saddle-shaped profile, which is clearly visible from the West side.

The area of Cerro de La Silla is 60.5 km away. the Mountain has four peaks Antenna, Norte (which means "North peak), sur ("southern") and La Virgen (virgin's peak). The North peak is the highest (1820 m) of these vertices.

Cerro de La Silla in 1991 was recognized by the Mexican government a natural monument. Like many mountains in Mexico, it was transformed into a recreation area, paving the path length of 5.3 km to the top. Those wishing to climb one of the most famous mountains of Mexico are located. Almost every tourist who arrives in Monterey for 2 hours, planning on climbing Cerro de La Silla. The ascent is difficult and lasts over 3 hours. But all the effort of the ascent will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the city of Monterrey, which opens with the height.

In the second half of the XX century here was built the cable car, which greatly facilitates access to the top of the mountain. The cable car was inaugurated and then closed forever, since its run ended tragically. 5 people were killed, including the designer of the cableway - the engineer jesús fernández. The state government tried several times to reopen the road, but to no avail.