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Torre Mayor (Torre Mayor) in Spanish is translated as "big tower". It was built in 2003. Torre Mayor stands out among the other buildings on the street Pace de La Reforma in Mexico city is not only tall, but also external luxury.

From the foot to the 55 floor of the building stretches to the sky over 225 metres. For 7 years prior to 2010, this building was considered the tallest in Mexico city and throughout Mexico.

Prior to the construction of Torre Mayor in Mexico city had prohibited the construction of buildings more than 38 floors, because the Mexican capital is located in the zone of high seismic activity. Among their high-rise counterparts, the building is considered one of the most earthquake-resistant. The construction area of 46 cubic meters, cemented, more than 21 tons of steel structures holding wall, and 98 of hydraulic components provide stability to the majestic giant.

Torre Mayor is no exception for architects and builders, the rules were not violated. Margins expanded special engineering ideas, using American technology to protect the missile silos from nuclear attack. Tower insured against earthquake of 8.5 points.

On the lower floors there is a shopping centre and the entrance to the office elevators. Inside the glass-concrete giant offices and small restaurants. On the 9th floor you can eat in the dining room and out on the roof of a small outbuilding, with panoramic view of the city. The following viewpoint is located on the 20th floor, but it is glazed, but it overlooks the Chapultepec castle and Park. For lovers of height on the 52nd floor there is another Playground.