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Cultural center of Tijuana

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In the area of Rio on the corner of Paseo de Los Heroes and Mina is a futuristic structure which houses the Cultural center of Tijuana. The complex was opened on 20th October 1982, and since then, receives over a million visitors a year. The main feature of the centre is the cinema "Omnimax", designed by architects Pedro ramírez vázquez and Manuel Rossen Morrison. This is the only IMAX theater in Tijuana. The people he is known as "La Bola", meaning "Ball". The name visitors gave him because of the fancy design. Theater auditorium designed for 308 people. It is equipped with a projector that swivels 360 degrees that allows you to create panoramic images.

In 1982 specifically for the cinema "Omnimax" was created by a documentary about the most picturesque corners of Mexico. It was his show and Grand opening of the cinema.

In addition to theater, in the Cultural center of Tijuana included a big Esplanade that can accommodate up to 6 thousand people. It is a venue for performances, festivals and exhibitions.

The Cultural center also contains a permanent exhibition of the Museum of California, which includes more than 200 exhibits depicting the history of the Peninsula and the state of California from the prehistoric period to the first half of the twentieth century. On site Botanical garden, called the Park of the Snail, on the lawns which sculptures of pre-Columbian America.

Popular with visitors center, and lecture halls, a bookstore and café.