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Popocatepetl — an active volcano in Mexico. Its name comes from two words in Nahuatl: popoca — "Smoking" and tepetl — "hill" that is the Smoking hill. This is the second highest peak of Mexico after the mountain Orizaba (5675 m).

Popocatepetl is located near the extinct volcano Iztaccihuatl. The names of these two mountains are the names of the heroes of the legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The legend tells of two lovers, whom the gods turned into mountains. When the young man Popocatepetl fought in the war, evil tongues said to his beloved Iztaccihuatl that he had died. Then the young bride had married someone else. But after learning that the groom had returned from the war unscathed, she killed herself, and behind her, and a returned soldier.

The Aztecs worshipped these mountains, believing that they give rain, from year to year bringing their gifts.

Around the volcano is surrounded by several major cities: the capital of the States of Puebla (on the East side of the volcano), Tlaskal from the North-East and North-West of Mexico city with a total population exceeding 20 million people. Closest to the volcano is the small town of Cholula.

During the habitation of the Spaniards on the continent of El Popo, as the locals call it, made itself felt sixteen times, but the researchers say that in my entire life it has erupted more than 30 times. Latest activity was recorded on may 15, 2013. Some areas of Puebla literally covered in volcanic ash, was suspended the local airport. In the case of imminent eruption evacuation is 11 thousand people.

Despite his dangerous life, the El Popo attracts tourists with its grandeur and unearthly landscape, and a fascinating legend.