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Zoo "Crococun"

Photos and description

Zoo "Crococun", which is the easiest way to get from Puerto Morales or Cancun, bills itself as interactive. This means that each zoo visitor can not only observe those exotic animals, to pet them or feed. The bravest hands are crocodiles or iguanas, others are content with feeding the spider monkeys. Kids from such close contact with animals love it!

Zoo "Crococun" appeared on the basis of a farm for breeding crocodiles. In 1988, the farm has suffered greatly from natural disasters, so when it is rebuilding, the owners decided their offspring to slightly modify. So there was an interactive zoo where still great attention is paid to the farming of crocodiles and other reptiles. In addition to reptiles, there are animals and birds, which surround the zoo, the jungle is considered home to monkeys, deer, ocelots, which the locals call tigrillo, parrots and many others.

At the zoo runs a rehabilitation center for animals that have suffered from the actions of man. Pets are treated, help to recover, and then released into the wild. This visitor center is also possible.

Walk unaccompanied by a guide at the zoo is prohibited. Such precautions are taken for the safety of visitors. Accompany a tour group of biologists who not only speak about the habits of an animal, but can advise you on what the inhabitant of the zoo can be stroked and what better.