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The Cemetery Of Belen

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In Guadalajara there are 4 cemeteries, the most famous of which is the Panteon de Belen, or as it is called by the locals, the necropolis of Santa Paula. This cemetery, located in Bethlehem near the building of the former city hospital, now recognized by the Museum under the open sky. Necropolis designed by architect Manuel Gomez Ibarra on the initiative and financial support of the Bishop Diego de Aranda and Carpinteiro, used less than 50 years and was closed on 1 November 1896. The decision on preservation of the cemetery was made by the Board of health of that time. In our days the cemetery is not buried, it is visited only during the tour thematic tours.

The cemetery is divided into two sectors: one buried ordinary people, and the second - the rich and noble citizens. The necropolis is famous for its unique monuments and tombs built of pink stone. Over the long history of the necropolis of the local burial, and a total of about 900 managed to acquire numerous urban legends, which tells guides. Yeah so realistic that after a long time shudder at the kind of ordinary trees with immense trunks or small children. One legend tells the story of a vampire, povedeshsya to exterminate the local population. He was tracked down by the hunters of evil, is killed, as expected, with an aspen stake and buried in the cemetery of Belen. Soon the grave of the vampire tree grew. They say it sprouted a stake. According to legend, the tree should be protected so that the vampire did not escape to freedom. A grave with a large tree shows each guide to its tourists. Another cemetery story is about a little boy who died from fear that cannot rest in peace and is often picked from the grave, begging from the passers-by with treats and toys. This burial can be found at the huge pile of sweets on the tomb...

The cemetery can be visited independently without a tour group.