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The Church Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe

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An unusual sacral building with an openwork dome, resembling frozen lace, is the Church of the virgin of Guadalupe, a symbol and one of the landmarks of the city of Puerto Vallarta. The image of this temple is replicated on postcards, t-shirts, magnets and other souvenir products.

The construction of the Shrine of our lady of Guadalupe, located across from the city hall of Puerto Vallarta, began in 1918. His famous tower was built in the late 50-ies, and in 1965 acquired its main decoration - dome in the form of a crown made of concrete. He was supported by eight figures of angels, made of the same material. In the press and guidebooks you can find the information that the sculptor Jose Esteban Ramirez, Guarino created a dome that mimic the crown of the wife of Emperor Maximilian II Carlota, who wore it in 1860. According to some historians, it is not.

The dome, Guarino crowned Church of our lady of Guadalupe until 1965, when Puerto Vallarta was hit by a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7, which affected many buildings in the city. The Shrine of our lady of Guadalupe has lost his crown. After 14 years, it decided to replace roof fibreglass, but the project was not implemented. The Church received a tower dome with a height of 15.5 meters only October 12, 2009. Its Creator, sculptor Carlos Terrace, a native of the Mexican state of Jalisco. The diameter of the crown is 10 meters.

The Church interior is richly decorated. Here are the valuable works of sacred art, including a marble altar with the image of the patroness of the Church the work of Ignacio Ramirez, a few confessionals of carved wood, paintings on the theme of the way of the Cross.