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A former fishing village Puerto Morelos, located on the Caribbean coast is now considered one of Mexico's biggest diving centers. At the beginning of last century there was a large port, but now it was only some port facilities, where it is still served by cargo ships.

Puerto Morelos is a quiet coastal town, intended for leisurely vacation, diving in the underwater depths, mindless sunbathing. It measured a rustic atmosphere that attracts hundreds of tourists. It is strongly supported by local authorities, forbidding to build multi-storey houses. These houses are built along two streets that you can leisurely explore just for 15-20 minutes. The streets converge on a Central square, where are located the headquarters of the diving centres. Here are sold varied things for the next coral reefs. By the way, for those reefs here comes the mass of the people. However, this only happens in high season. When the flow of tourists abates, most of the hotels and bars are closed, so the locals call their town "Muerto Morelos", that is "Dead Morelos".

The main local attraction is the coral reefs located along the coast just 500 metres from the shore. They protect the village from strong sea waves, and hence from destruction. At the end of XX century the local reefs became part of the marine Park, protected by the government. To swim to the reefs on their own, bypassing the dive centre will not work. A visit to the marine Park is allowed only to tour groups run by experienced divers.

Except for trips to reefs in Puerto Morelos, there are other entertainment. For example, you can visit the huge Botanical garden, located a few kilometers from the city, or the former crocodile farm now converted into a zoo.