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The Arch Cabo San Lucas

Photos and description

The arch of Cabo San Lucas (Spanish "Cape" means Cape) is a natural arch in the rock near the eponymous Mexican city. This is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Mexico. The arch created in the rock by waves and wind, is the main attraction for tourists visiting a small quiet town, and is washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean.

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its excellent beaches, the most popular being the Beach lovers. The beach is close to Arches and is in the top ten Mexican attractions. Romantic the name is justified, cliffs hugging the beach, and it looks very secluded.

Many centuries ago, the Arch served as a refuge for English pirates, they were hiding in the Bay of Guinea to attack the Galleons that carried treasures along the West coast. Cruise on an old pirate ship is very popular attraction for modern tourists.

To get to the Arch on the boat. Mexican pangas (fishing boats) that constantly run from the port to the Arch during the day. Time in seven years here there is a strong tide, and then under the arch you can even walk on water. The last time this opportunity was to visit in 2006. All the rest of the foot arch is covered by the ocean.

From a distance the Arch looks huge, but its proximity become apparent. The ascent is dangerous and prohibited by law.

The arch of Cabo San Lucas is one of the associative symbols of Mexico. Today her image is ubiquitous on postcards and Souvenirs.