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The house and Studio of Luis Barragán

Photos and description

Built in 1947, the house Louis Barragan is an example of architecture of modernism and minimalism. It is located in the small town of Takaba outside Mexico city. Inside the house - 10 rooms, there is even a changing room after horseback riding, which the architect loved to do in the garden, located directly at the house. Total square footage - 2000 sq. m.

The house was included in the list of world heritage sites, he is one of its kind in Latin America received this title. Today this is a three story unique is the Museum, which attracts architects and just the curious from all over the world.

The house of Barragán is located at the end of a quiet street of Takaba. Externally its walls do not stand out, blending in, but the strangeness of the surroundings gives the white tower, and the outstanding window.

The Windows overlook the garden and the trees are so close to them that, looking out into the yard, the impression that we are in the garden, which is a single whole with the building. From a darkened corridor leads visitors to a hallway. It is the unchangeable Mexican attribute: a chair next to the phone.

Prone to voyeurism, the artist in each room put a large mercury balls, where he could see the whole room. It is also noteworthy that in the house - an unusual lighting system. There are almost no lights in the ceiling. Small lamps are placed on tables and other furniture.

The arrangement of furniture inside strictly complies with ledges, corners and openings in walls. For each chair, Ottoman, sofa in its place. Furniture as it continues building, the home continues garden, the garden merges with the outwardly peaceful street and so on. The idea of the house-fortress, the house of refuge permeated every corner of this minimalist works of art of the XX century.