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The Church of Santa Prisca de Taxco

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The Church of Santa Prisca by far one of the most striking sights - the example of the Baroque style of Mexico in the mid-eighteenth century. It is located in a conservation Taxco, state of Guerrero, in the Central square. Its construction on city's main square, was begun in 1751 and completed seven years later. Originally the Church was built as a place of service of the priest Manuel de La Borda. Construction was under the supervision of two architects - French Diego durán and the Spanish Cayetano.

The temple, built of pink stone, has two graceful, richly decorated tower, no less magnificent facade, which faces West. The temple has nine wooden altars covered with gold leaf. Here is the altar of the Immaculate Conception, the altarpiece of the virgin of Guadalupe and our lady of the rosary. Inside all the walls are decorated with magnificent paintings.

Of Santa Prisca in the history of Mexico is a symbol of the era of dawn and enrichment, which directly connects with the beginning of silver mining in the mountains in the district of Taxco. The Church was built with the money of the silver magnate josé de La Borda. Rich interiors and sophisticated architecture require a lot of money, and after seven years, one of the richest men in New Spain became bankrupt.

Near the Church are numerous shops where they sell silver jewelry.