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Plaza Santo Domingo

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The urban area of Santo Domingo is located in the North-West of the historic center of Mexico city. From the South it is bounded by the street of the Republic of Cuba, East - street Republic of Brazil, from North - street Belisario Dominguez. West area completing building, called the Portals of scribes, or evangelists.

They say that modern area Santo Domingo is located at the place where once stood the Indian house Cuahtemoc, so while the distribution between the Spanish conquistadors of available land for building their own mansions, this area was not taken into account. Learned of the Dominicans and demanded for the construction of their own monastery. They have allocated a few tens of meters just North of the present area, which is now the Church of Santo Domingo.

Since most of the buildings on the square were rebuilt in the XVIII century after the flood, we see a great urban ensemble in the style of novospasskogo Baroque. Among the buildings facing the main facades to the square, it should be particularly noted already mentioned the temple of Santo Domingo, the Palace of the Inquisition, the old Customs house, the Portals of scribes, the home of Diego Pedraza and Juan Jaramillo.

In the XIX century with one side of the square Santo Domingo was created called the Portals of scribes. In small rooms, were people who were engaged in the writing of papers for those who could not read and write, and such in Mexico was very high. Initially, the documents were written by hand, and then with the help of typewriters. Nowadays these buildings is a company manufacturing and marketing stationery and paper.

The building, which in the XVIII century belonged to the Holy Inquisition, now houses Medical Museum.

The center of the square decorated with a fountain with a statue of doña Josefa Ortiz de domínguez, ladies who participated in the Mexican revolution. The author of the statue is by Italian sculptor Enrique Alciati.