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The Misol-Ha Waterfalls

Photos and description

In the Mexican state of Chiapas is an amazing natural landmark - a waterfall of Misol-Ha, which constitutes a shared water system with cascades of Agua Azul, located 60 kilometers from the archaeological zone of Palenque. You can come here yourself, taking, for example, in a rental car.

The name thirty meters of Misol-Ha waterfalls, located in a picturesque mountain area, from the language of the Chol Indians means "waterfall". It flows around the Palenque-Ocosingo, just twenty kilometers above Palenque, from the way and you can start your route. On the way to the track you will see a sign.

At the entrance you are asked to pay 10 pesos for the fare for a one-mile section leading to the waterfall, and another 15 pesos you need to leave at the entrance to the waterfall. Here is all equipped for a comfortable stay: shops, cafes, and even small houses for rent if you decide to stay. Visit for tourists is available from seven in the morning.

You can bypass all the surrounding area on your own or hire a guide. The tour includes a walk through the local jungle, climb the observation tower, caves with artifacts. At your request, we can also visit the fish farm, where you can go with a catch. The water here is amazingly clean and has a surprising blue.

On the back side of Misol-Ha waterfalls is a small grotto, where you will get a beautiful and secluded spot.

It is interesting that in this place in 1987 was filmed last scenes of the movie "Predator", where the main role was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.