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Photos and description

800-metre waterfront, the Malecon, most of which is closed to cars, is considered to be the heart of the resort of Puerto Vallarta. Every night she turns into a place where the entire town. Crowds of tourists and locals sitting in the restaurants on the coast of Banderas Bay and stroll along the edge of the surf, stopping beside the street artists with their easels, musical groups performing Groovy tunes, Indians dancing in traditional costumes, clowns, laughing children.

The waterfront periodically updated and expanded. Recently there was built a new breakwater. Not far from the old city hotel "Rosita" rental boats and bicycles. For the rental of this equipment do not take money.

The malecón, decorated with palm trees and lush bougainvillea bushes, is not empty at any time of the day. Comfortable benches set in the shade about green spaces, ideal for relaxing. Walking along the waterfront, notice the feet. Of small stones in a contrasting color lined drawings on which the artist worked, Fidencio Benitez, a member of the creative team, whose magnificent works of art created from beads, represented in all city galleries.

Every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in front of the Millennium monument close to the hotel "Rosita" tourists come to participate in tours, covering all of the bronze sculptures that adorn the local waterfront. These monuments began to appear there after installing, probably the most popular at the moment, the figures, depicting a boy riding a seahorse. This sculpture eventually became the symbol of the resort of Puerta Vallarta.